Eye Care Services

Free yourself from the burden of strained or impaired vision. Let Sparks Eye Care help you see the world in extraordinary new ways through improved eye sight.

Family Eye Care

Sparks Eye is the first choice for family eyecare in Andover and Wichita area residents. Our doctor and her staff work hand-in-hand to make sure that every visit is fun for every member of the family.

We have no age limits in our office – with our youngest patient ever being just seven days old! Sparks Eye Care is the perfect solution for the entire family.

We provide care for multiple eye diseases, including:


When we are born, the lens of our eye is crystal clear. As we have more birthdays, the lens changes structurally, causing a diminishment in the quality of vision. This process is often accelerated with previous eye surgery, medical problems  or certain medications.  If your vision seems as though you’re looking through a frosty or fogged up window, we can help. Call us now to set up an appointment.


Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. Often associated with elevated eye pressure, glaucoma is actually a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve. The optic nerve is critical for vision.  Unfortunately, a person with glaucoma often will not know they have the condition unless their vision loss is severe, so early detection is extremely important in managing this disease.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss. While found more often in older people, there are pediatric forms of macular degeneration as well. Treatments for macular degeneration range from nutritional supplementation to surgical interventions.   If you notice distortion of your vision , contact Sparks Eye Care immediately for evaluation.

Chronic Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye can be a minor inconvenience, or a debilitating concern. Symptoms of dryness of the eyes often start as a scratchy, burning sensation, and can progress to watering of the eyes (strange, but true!) and blurred vision. Treatment for dry eyes can vastly improve your overall comfort and quality of life.

Diabetic Eye Care

The first symptom that leads to a diagnosis of diabetes is often a change in vision. Anyone with a problem with glucose control, from pre-diabetes (what used to be called “borderline diabetes”) through those who require an insulin pump should have their eyes checked at least once per year to evaluate for eye health problems related to diabetes.

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Pre & Post Op Surgical Eye Care

Surgical and Disease Co-management

As your primary eye care provider, we’ll work with specialists to make sure you get the very best eye care before, during and after surgery. Through mutual trust, shared learning, and continuous communication we’ll work to ensure  your recovery is  carefully monitored to ensure the best possible outcome.

Refractive Surgical Consultation

Refractive surgical  vision correction is a group of procedures (LASIK is one of these) that  have helped millions of people achieve clear vision,  reducing the need for corrective eyewear. However, it is still surgery. Like any surgical procedure, it should be decided upon only after you have comprehensive knowledge about its benefits and risks.

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Emergency Service

If you have an injury that requires emergency eye care, Dr. Rebecca Sparks is here to help so call NOW!